A Cure for the Midwinter Blues

| 1/5/2018 9:29:00 AM

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From the end of November to the first of January the entire nation is a in a flurry of activity. First there is Thanksgiving dinner to plan and attend. Many families travel halfway across the country for this special time. Right on the heels of this comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday — the first official shopping days of the season. This is followed by many special sales days attended by frantic shoppers. There is the tree to choose, or bring out of storage and decorate, as well as the rest of the house, yard, and who knows what else. Then the great day comes and families gather, gifts are given, dinner is eaten, and we turn right into plans for the New Year complete with resolutions.

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And then suddenly its over. Valentine's is two months away and we feel letdown and a bit depressed. We pack away all of the Christmas trappings and wonder what we will do with ourselves. But a special group of people, to which I belong, long for the coming of January. In a way, its one of our favorite months. This is the month we begin to plan our gardens!

Gardeners love January. Its cold, dark, sometimes snowy, but that is fine with us. We make a cup of tea or coffee and curl up with all the seed catalogs we have saved during the fall months. We break out pen and paper and make lists of what we need to order. We plan and we dream and sometimes we even start seeds that can be set out before the last frost.

My first move is to bring out my leftover seeds and sort through them to see which is still good and which ones I need to reorder. I love tins, and I have two I keep my seeds in.