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| 10/13/2013 1:36:00 PM

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Karen NewcombStarting a new garden blog is always a bit intimidating because I don’t want to leave any reader out. I have beginning gardeners to long time gardeners who may or may not enjoy the basics of gardening. All gardeners start out the same, by deciding what they want to grow and by looking through seed catalogs. I’ve spent years getting acquainted with vegetable seeds and the catalogs that offer them. Over the years I always ordered from the same big name companies. Then I began writing vegetable garden books and soon discovered many catalogs that offered specialized seeds. These catalogs are usually my favorite because they not only offer heirloom seeds but a history behind the seed.

Years ago I began experimenting with garden beds, using a particular theme to each bed.  I’m known for my postage stamp gardening and my books reflect that small space gardening.  My late husband, Duane, was the one who started my love for small space gardening.  He, then both of us, wrote about using the French intensive biodynamic small space garden beds.

From this love of gardening and the need to know where I could find seeds that my local nursery never heard of, I created a vegetable garden website, postagestampvegetablegardening.com.

When the new seed catalogs come out I work on this site almost daily to include the latest varieties they have to offer.  This site was created for someone like me who likes to browse yearly seed catalogs yet doesn’t know where to begin and they may not know about the smaller seed companies. To make life easier go online and find all the seed companies you may be interested in and go to their website, see if they have varieties you’re interested in and order a print catalog (of course you can order online, too). As you can guess, by now the space below my desk is a stack of 2013 seed catalogs measuring close to 2 feet high. I love the information I find in these catalogs, and I do a lot of clipping for article ideas, but at the end of the year I begrudgingly have to toss them all and order the next year’s edition.  And it’s getting to be that time of year where I have to purge the stack before ordering new current catalogs.

Let me give you a brief synopsis of each catalog and their web site so sometime later this year you too may want to send for a copy of their latest offerings.  When I list seed varieties in my blogs there will always be a source with a code listed.  Each of these seed companies has a code.

Annie’s Heirloom Seed  AnniesHeirloomSeeds.com This was a new find for me and one I will continue to order from year to year.  All heirlooms this charming catalog and the owner are wonderful people to deal with.   Code:  ANN

10/20/2013 7:43:05 PM

Karen, good job with reviewing the seed catalogs. My favorite it the Baker Creek one. I too have lost a spouse some 12 years ago but I still think of her often. I'm glad you are carrying on what you and your husband have started. I have two gardens. One is four raised beds in my back yard with square foot garden design for fresh eating at the kitchen table and the other is newly expanded from 8100 to 9000 square foot open field gardening. The open field is where the squash, pumpkins, watermelons, potatoes and sweet corn is grown. ***** Have a great seed catalog purging day.

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