One-Block Feast: Fall Gardening Guide

Check out this fall gardening guide brought to you by the staff of Sunset Magazine, creators of The One-Block Feast and One-Block Diet.

| October 2012

Based on the James-Beard-Award-winning One-Block Diet, The One-Block Feast (Ten Speed Press, 2011) is the ultimate guide to eating local. Complete with seasonal garden plans, menus, 100 recipes and 15 food projects, this guide explains how to raise and produce everything needed for totally made-from-scratch meals, all from your own backyard. The following excerpt is taken from “The Fall Garden.” 

You can purchase this book from the GRIT store: The One-Block Feast.

As with our summertime garden, most of the crops we planted for our fall menu thrive in a spot that gets full sun for at least 6 hours per day. Some plants, such as beans and winter squashes, are easily started from seed. Others, like peppers and tomatoes, fare better when started from nursery transplants. Use our fall garden guide as a tool to help you lay out your vegetables this fall.

Growing Beans

Best Site: Full sun and well-drained soil.

Planting and Care: Sow seeds as soon as the soil is warm. Heavy seed leaves must push through the soil, so be sure the soil is reasonably loose and open.

For vining types: Insert poles 1 to 2 feet apart in rows, and sow seeds 1 inch deep and 1 to 3 inches apart. Or, sow along a sunny wall, fence, or trellis and train vines on a web of light string supported by wire or heavy twine.

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