Preserves Garden Vegetables by Sharing Surplus

Woman shares her rewarding experiences of preserving the bounty of her garden vegetables.

| May/June 2013


Giving excess produce to friends, family and neighbors is a great way of preserving the garden bounty.

Photo By Fotolia/Davros

When I retired in 1987, gardening was one of my favorite activities. I soon found out how bountiful a garden can be. I did my usual canning and freezing, but still there was lots of produce that kept growing.

When it occurred to me that there were people who didn’t have fresh garden produce to eat and enjoy, I decided to share mine. Each Sunday, I took a basket of fresh garden vegetables to church and placed them near the entrance. It was amazing how quickly the produce disappeared, and it made my day to see folks leaving church with smiles on their faces and bags of fresh food in their hands.

My garden is much smaller now that I’m getting older, and while I no longer have a lot of produce to share, I’m happy to say that other gardeners have continued the tradition of giving their surplus to those who can’t or don’t raise a garden.

While it’s not exactly what comes to mind when people think of preservation methods, I assure you that sharing is one of the best and most rewarding ways to preserve your garden bounty.

Marston, Missouri

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