Gardening: Invest in guaranteed growth in your own backyard

Online tool helps gardeners plan their gardens and select their plants.

| April 2009

  • Kitchen Garden Planner
    DESIGN TOOL: New interactive design tool helps gardeners plan the perfect vegetable garden.
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  • Kitchen Garden Planner

According to recently released survey results from the National Gardening Association (NGA), a $70 investment in home food gardening can yield, on average, a $600 return on the investment.

“These numbers are based on a $2 per pound in-season market price of produce grown in a national average garden size of 600 square feet with typical yields from the most popular vegetables,” said NGA Director of Research Bruce Butterfield.

In response to a dramatic increase in the number of U.S. households growing vegetables for the first time, Gardener's Supply has created a new online Kitchen Garden Planner (KGP). The KGP online tool was created in response to the increased volume of questions from new gardeners as basic as, “How do I start?” and “What should I grow?”

“We want new vegetable gardeners to have a fun and rewarding experience right from the start,” said Kathy LaLiberte, Director of Gardening for Gardener's Supply, a Vermont-based earth-friendly gardening company. “We designed this playful, interactive planning tool to take away the worries of what, when and how to plant a successful vegetable garden.”

Gardeners using the new online tool will have access to five different features: a selection of six pre-planned vegetable gardens, an interactive design-your-own-garden map, a guide to planting and care, a vegetable encyclopedia, and a list of recommended supplies and accessories.

Using the interactive design tool, gardeners can select from 30 different vegetables and ‘click and drag’ plant icons to a 3-by-6-foot garden. The tool displays how many of each plant (carrots, beets, cucumbers, etc.) will fit into each 1-by-1-foot section of the garden. It also provides step-by-step planting and care instructions, including a soil calculator to determine how much soil you'll need to fill your raised garden bed. For those who'd rather have an expert do the planning, there are pre-planned gardens with printable planting maps available, including the ‘Plant It & Forget It Garden’ and the ‘Cook's Choice Garden.’

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