Stories of Natural Cures for Common Ailments

Readers share stories of old-fashioned natural cures.

| Appeared in March/April 2013 Issue of GRIT Magazine

  • Home Remedies
    One natural cure for pink eye involved putting cloth rag full of raw potatoes over the eyes.
    Illustration By Brian Orr

  • Home Remedies

The long travel distance between many small farms and the nearest town necessitated the use of homemade remedies for common ailments such as pink eye, an ear ache, or a sore throat.

These natural cures could involve blowing tobacco smoke in the aching ear of a child or using goose grease to get rid of croup. While these homemade remedies may seem out of date, what could the harm be in trying them? After all, most of these readers admit to trying the natural cures as adults after growing up with them as children.

Enjoy these CAPPER’s reader stories of yesteryear; when milk-soaked bread still came in handy for curing finger cuts and cod liver oil was consumed for overall good health.

Stories of Natural Cures 

Mamie Had Homemade Remedies for All Ailments
Family Makes Made-From-Scratch Drawing Salve
Sassafras Tea Used to Cleanse the Blood
Grandma’s Medical Treatment Consisted of Natural Remedies
Saltwater Cure for Sore Throat and Poison Ivy
Home Remedies Were Necessary
Mom Was Ready With Tried and True Treatments
Turnips Ease Pain in Heel
Grandma Used Folk Medicine for Natural Cures  

We Want to Hear Your Story

We enjoyed the submissions on homemade natural cures so much that we’d like to see even more. If you haven’t submitted yours and you have a good one, please email it to us at or send it to Grit and CAPPER’s Editorial, Attn: Heart of the Home Department, 1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265. Make sure to include any images that relate to the old-fashioned home remedy if you have them, and we just might include our favorite stories in a future issue of the magazine or on our website.

We’re also looking for stories about camping adventures to feature in a future issue. Send us your best, worst, funniest or most memorable camping stories, with a photograph or two (jpeg, at least 300 dpi) if available, and we’ll publish our favorites in a future issue. If you mail your photos to us and would like them back, please send an appropriate-sized self-addressed stamped envelope for their return.

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