On The Garden Path: City of Lilacs

A beautiful variety blooms in Washington's 'City of Lilacs'

| April 2008

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    BLOOMING ROSES AND LILACS: In summer, visitors to Manito Park in Spokane, Wash., will enjoy acres of roses dancing in the warm breeze, bottom. Spokane is known as the City of Lilacs, and throughout May, the sights and smells of lilacs abound, both in Manito Park, top, and in the yards of the city's residents, center.
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If the lilacs are in bloom, it must be May in Spokane, Wash., and if the roses are sparkling in all their glory, it has to be June. Even if you can't see them or touch them, the sweet smell is unmistakable.

The city of Spokane is known as the City of Lilacs. Located in the center of town, visitors will find Manito Park, which is a dream for both photographers and gardeners. Not only are there many rows of lilacs, there also are acres of roses that dance in the warm summer breeze.

Also breathtaking are the plate-size dahlias and orchidlike iris visitors will find if they wander off the main paths in the park.

Visitors to Spokane consider Manito Park a must-see attraction. Manito, which means 'spirit of nature' in the language of the native Algonquin Indians, has long been a favorite spot for the city's residents.

Not only is the park beautiful, but so are the yards and gardens throughout the city, as well as the landscapes along the roadsides. Washington's weather and soil must be conducive to growing healthy, beautiful roses and lilacs.

If you're looking for a beautiful city to visit, look no further than Spokane. You won't be disappointed.

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