Containers Make Gardening Easier

Tips on how to plan and start a container garden.

| June 2009

  • Multiple containers
    CAPTIVATING GARDEN: As seen at left, placing multiple containers with a variety of plantings in a garden area adds color and interest.
    Doris Myrle Morris
  • Single planting
    PRETTY PLANTING: When creating a container planting, remember that a focal plant combined with some fillers and a trailing plant give the planting an appealing, colorful, well-balanced look.
    Doris Myrle Morris

  • Multiple containers
  • Single planting

If planting below ground level is difficult for you, or if you don’t like fighting weeds, consider gardening in containers.

My first attempt at container gardening was successful. The plants grew larger and fuller than those in the beds. They were more robust, they set more blooms, and because the containers were set near the house and sheltered from the wind, the plants and blooms suffered little damage.


Getting started

If possible, plan your container garden where it will be visible from a window inside your home so you can enjoy the view every time you pass by. Also keep in mind that you’ll need a water source.

To make leveling and repositioning the plant containers easier, spread landscape ground cover over the area of lawn set aside for the garden. Then cover it with wood mulch, which also lessens the chance for weeds.


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