On The Garden Path

Blooming flowers provide picture of beauty

| November 2005

In summertime, when I visit my son in Dunkirk, N.Y., two patches of flowers in a garden catch my eye. I walk up and down the road past the garden many times during my stay, admiring the gorgeous flowers.

One of the patches boasts big, bright coneflowers. I'm always tempted to ask the owners if I can cut a generous bouquet to grace my son and daughter-in-law's table, but then I think twice, seeing how Mother Nature takes care of them so ideally right there to make a perfect picture.

The other patch bears the largest mass of white azaleas that I've ever seen. They look so delicate one might think a gust of wind would blow them away. Azaleas, especially white ones, are one of my all-time favorite flowers.

In my own garden, I look forward to the spectacular blooms of my hardy cactus plant. It's an extraordinary plant. Once it has bloomed for the summer, it lies dormant and survives the cold winter.

I once read a quote in CAPPER'S: 'Each garden has its own surprise.' That is so true. Each year, my cactus plant blooms to a new height, a wider span, and it looks more beautiful than the year before, with its magnificent yellow flowers.

A little cutting of this plant easily starts a new one. It makes me happy to know that I've shared mine with others, so they, too, can enjoy the beauty of a hardy cactus plant.

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