Turnips Ease Pain in Heel

Neighbor’s remedy for pain in heel paid off.

| Appeared in March/April 2013 Issue of GRIT Magazine

  • Feet Xrays
    Neighbor offered a unique solution to ease the pain of heel spurs with the help of baked turnips.
    Photo By Fotolia/Unlim3d

  • Feet Xrays

About 40 years ago, I was a waitress at a truck stop, and I had severe heel pain. Since there wasn’t a doctor in our rural town, I went to a big city and found a doctor.

He took X-rays, which showed spurs on both of my heels. When I asked if he could surgically remove them, he said they didn’t do that anymore because the spurs would just grow back. He prescribed pain pills, sent me to a shoe store to purchase padded shoes, and told me to invest in a cane.

Pain in Heel Remedy

I went home wondering how I would be able to keep working. While telling an elderly neighbor about it, he suggested I try a remedy he and his family had used for frostbite. Desperate for relief, I decided to try it.

He went to the kitchen and returned a minute later with two turnips, which he proceeded to bake in the coals of the fireplace. Then, when they were baked and cooled slightly, he told me to mash one into each heel as hard as I could.

I followed his advice and was amazed when the pain immediately subsided. Two weeks later, the pain returned, and I repeated the procedure. Since then, however, I’ve never been troubled with spurs in my heels again.

San Simon, Arizona

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