Pinch Your Garden Mums

Pinch your garden mums before the Fourth of July along with some other sage tips and your garden will flourish.

| CAPPER's July 2005

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Fireworks, homemade ice cream and family get-togethers are all traditions that we incorporate into the celebration of the country's independence. These timely customs should also remind gardeners of a few things that need to be accomplished in the landscape as soon as the smoke has cleared.

I will never forget these words from a gardening mentor: 'Pinch back your mums until the Fourth of July for good blooms in the fall.' That was decades ago, and I still think of those words each year when Independence Day rolls around.

I always thought that pinching back the garden chrysanthemum was done to delay a sporadic bloom throughout the summer. The fact is that the garden mum does not bloom until a period when the nights have grown long enough for flower buds to develop. I think that if I would have asked why this is done, my mentor would have explained that the nice, full plant that is the result of pinching will look much fuller than one that is not.

The Fourth of July is also a good time to make sure that the trimming on spring-blooming shrubs is done. There is still enough time, from this point, for spring-blooming shrubs to put on flowering growth for next year's display.

Generally, it is a good idea to do any pruning on shrubs such as lilacs, viburnum and forsythia as soon as they are finished blooming. This will give a plant the season's full potential for flowering. But since there is only so much time to get all the gardening done before a plant is too large to allow a full year's growth for the location, one can still have a nice spring display by trying not to prune these particular plants after this time.

The rule of thumb for pruning shrubs is: Spring-blooming plants bloom on the last year's growth, while summer-blooming plants bloom on the current season's growth, so prune accordingly.

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