Prevent Pests

What you need to know to keep pests out of your home.

| September 17, 2012

Bedroom Free of Pests

Keep pests out of your home with simple tips and common sense practices.

Nobody likes pests, especially the creepy, crawly kind. But they exist, and, unfortunately, too many of us make it easy for pests to take up residence right alongside the family.

To help you remember the most effective way to deal with pests, use this acronym — INSPECT.

Investigate. Take a serious, strategic approach to discovering potential pest problems in and around your home.
Study. After identifying potential problems, study the potential cause or consequence of these problems.
Prepare. Plan how to most effectively solve your problem. Changing habits to include covering your dryer vent, and only eating in the kitchen can help prevent pests from taking up residence.
Eliminate. Eliminate pest entryways into your home by caulking cracks and trimming trees and shrubs.
Clean. Maintaining your home and lawn are essential for discouraging pests from calling your home theirs. Eliminate opportunities for pests to find food, water, and nesting and hiding places.
Treat. To protect your home and family, properly treat pest problems with the appropriate pesticide product to effectively manage the problem.

Room by Room

While pests can be in any part of your home, here are some of the more common rooms you’ll find them in, and what you can do to keep them out.


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