Getting Our Hands Dirty

| 3/8/2018 9:44:00 AM

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farm signMarch has arrived and came in like a lamb! Last weekend we began to prepare the garden beds for planting.

In the past, we have always bought bags upon bags of dirt for the beds and containers, but this spring Greg decided he wanted to dig from my father's old garden plot. It has lain fallow for almost 20 years, so we took the trailer up to check out the soil.

The grandkids came out to assist, and Josiah grabbed a pick and told Greg he would dig to loosen up the soil, and Greg could shovel it in. The dirt turned out to be very rich and full of worms, so we worked all morning to fill up the trailer.

digging new soil

After a short break, we transported the soil down to the garden and began to work on the beds I intend to use first. I had my chart laid out so I would know where everything was to go. I also had the mix I wanted for the soil written down by each diagram, so once Greg filled the beds, I began adding lime, bone meal, etc. where needed.

filling the beds

3/22/2018 5:17:07 PM

That looks exactly like my garden area complete with hog fencing! Great read! Thank you! - Central Valley Renee

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