Starbucks, Ants and Apples

| 10/14/2013 4:59:00 PM

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Mary Conley(A Sidetrack from the Story of our Farm)

My daughter-in-law, Nancy, loves Starbucks, and especially now that she has moved to Estes Park where she can drink it with her hubby, Todd, while sitting by the Big Thompson River. I believe I have only had two Starbucks coffees in my life, but I often frequent one of their stores. You see, they package up their used coffee grounds, put a special label on them, and let anyone take them for their gardens.

Starbucks Coffee Grounds for the Garden

A bag of used Starbucks coffee grounds.

Starbucks Coffee Grounds for Garden Instructions

This is how it works.

The label tells the ground’s benefit to soil, and I have used them in raised beds and added to the compost pile, but what I use it most often for is to deter ants. Ants just don’t like to go through a pile of coffee grounds. I used to save my own grounds, but there was never enough, so imagine my excitement when the Starbucks in the entry of our local Hy-Vee grocery store began setting out the bags for us!

Besides around the house, we started putting a thick layer around our beehive after we discovered ants had moved in. Then this fall, it dawned on me that the only way ants could get to our apples was to crawl up the trunk of the trees. Duh! Yes, you guessed it; Larry and I put a thick layer around each tree before the fruit started to ripen. It's the organic way.

10/26/2013 8:55:29 PM

Thanks for visiting my blog, everyone. Hope to meet you here again, soon!

10/16/2013 8:45:17 AM

Does Starbucks brew flavored coffees in their stores? Even if they do, I'm sure the majority of the grounds are flavor free, since they surely brew much more traditional drip coffees and espresso. I wouldn't worry about it.

10/15/2013 8:38:41 PM

Thanks for commenting ladies! MissEditress, I never thought about the flavors in coffee grounds. I would think they would be small and in alcohol which evaporates. Humm.

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