Concrete Work Helps 100-Year-Old Farm

| 6/27/2014 2:14:00 PM

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Lori HavensIt's been an incredibly busy week at Farm on the Hill here in Wisconsin's Driftless Region! After watching the barn form frozen waterfalls inside this past winter, where the water was pouring into the place we plan to have sheep, and seeing the floor of the room in the barn that we planned to use as the brooder become a sheet of ice, and also watching the stones fall out of a load-bearing wall in the basement of the house, we finally decided to make the investment, and we hired a mason and his crew. I have to give a major shout-out to Mark Kast Masonry, LLC, for their terrific work! What a great bunch of guys ... we will be hiring them again, most definitely, for the next job! They do both the vertical work on the walls and the horizontal work that we needed done, so we were able to make a real transformation! 


Brooder before (the area under the large viewing window was a sheet of ice):



Brooder after (4 inches of concrete to raise the floor level, since we determined that the water was coming from under in this room, not from leaking walls):

6/29/2014 9:16:16 PM

Hi Mary, To answer your question, YES, I do connect with other bloggers, quite often! I think that those of us who enjoy blogging pack many emotions in our writing (which is why I sometimes have long time spans between blog posts, if I'm seriously tired and/or overwhelmed...I just won't be able to find the energy to write), and so it's easy to connect quickly with other writers who are experiencing the same things in life :-)

6/29/2014 8:18:19 AM

Lori, Mary again. You mentioned on one of my old blogs that we seem to be living in parallel worlds with some of our projects. Yes, and you also mentioned that I was a kindred soul. Thanks, as I consider that a nice complement. Do you also connect with other bloggers, sometimes more than friends? Although our friends are interested and very supportive, we are somewhat loners in what we do, andI find other bloggers, Capper's Farmer, etc. my real connection sometimes. Happy day!

6/29/2014 6:54:27 AM

Hi, Lori, Wow! You must still be smiling about all that renewal. I love the look and smell of new concrete. Good pictures! Yep, we have strange walls in our old basement, too! I'm looking forward to a blog someday about how your welcoming center is working out! Oh, how I wish I were younger!!! Mary from Old Dog New Tricks

6/28/2014 8:37:59 AM

Lori, boy, you have had many challenges in the restoration of this old house. I'm glad you found a company that would tackle such a project. I'm going to be working on some concrete steps next week but nothing like your project. I'm always amazed at the construction and building techniques of a century ago. It was all grunt and lift manual labor back then. Walls may not be put together as well as today but still 100 years later walls are still standing and houses are still being used for dwellings. I'm always partial to stone and rock used for building. Limestone was a major material used for building retaining walls in my city during the mid 20th century. Slowly they are being replaced by the new century concrete retaining wall blocks. It makes for a ready source of limestone for projects in the garden when contractors tear out the walls to rebuild them. They are glad that someone will haul the rocks away. Good luck with the rest of your restoration. ***** Have a great concrete work day.

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