The New Weed

| 11/15/2013 10:04:00 AM

Dear reader, the fun never ends! I was looking out our sliding glass door one morning while having a cup of coffee, and noticed some tall, ugly weeds across our lane. Larry had only recently cleared that area of thistles. How did those weeds get tall and bushy so quickly?

Not long after, we received a message on our city phone from a man who we had requested to take a look at our well pump. He said that he found our pump “down in that marijuana patch.” So that is what those ugly weeds are! Well, maybe we just found our cash crop!

I remembered the weed commissioner laughing on the phone a while back, after giving me a list of common noxious weeds we might have on our farm. (I think we have them all!) He told me, interestingly, marijuana isn’t on the list because Nebraska used to be a great rope producing state. Some people call it hemp, and the neighbors tell us it is of poor quality.

Larry with marijuana plant

Larry posing while chopping off a marijuana plant.

One weekend when we had a burn pile going, Larry tossed in some of the large marijuana weeds from nearby. When our son, Perry, who was helping us that weekend, realized what he had been inhaling, he started getting upset about it. I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was about smelling a little marijuana, but he explained he was concerned about his job. He teaches high school reading at Boys Town in Omaha and is subject to random drug testing. He worried he might fail!