Mom Was Ready With Tried and True Treatments

Mom was always ready with healing treatments for childhood illnesses.

| Appeared in March/April 2013 Issue of GRIT Magazine

Sick Child

Years ago, when a child was sick, Mom pulled out her handy homemade remedies.

Photo By Fotolia/Gorilla

It was many years ago when Mom used her homemade remedies for my childhood ailments. Mom’s tried-and-true treatments consisted of a mustard plaster and a milk poultice, which were used frequently since we very rarely visited a doctor.

The mustard plaster was applied to treat a chest cold or any unknown reason for a deep or painful cough. The milk poultice was placed on and pressed against the source of an infection.

Mom was always prompt and ready with her healing treatments. Each time they were applied, we got positive results.

I don’t have the formulas for Mom’s successful cures, and I wish I had asked for them so I could have secured this vital information in a safe place. That knowledge would have been quite helpful in raising five children, and even now in my older years.

Beaver Dams, New York

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