Heirloom, Antique, Or Old Growth

| 1/13/2014 4:42:00 PM

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DJI know it is still January, but the sunshine outside coupled with the melting snow is making me think about my garden already this year. So, I decided to write about some of the fruit I don’t have to mess with very much.

And here is the question. What is the accurate way to refer to bushes that are close to 100 years old? Are they simply Heirloom, or maybe as Antique? Would they be called Old Growth like we do when we talk about the forests? I am referring to some Red Currant bushes at my cousin’s old ranch where my husband and I are currently living. (Not the same place. Just wanted to clear up any confusion I may have inadvertently created there.)

 Bankson Peola Homestead

1/14/2014 7:31:44 AM

I would absolutely LOVE to have currants. What are you doing with the fruit? As soon as we have our own place, the first thing we plant is currants! My grandma's currant jelly was jewel red and sweet/tart - the most delicious jelly I've ever had!

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