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| 1/15/2014 1:01:00 PM

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Susan BerryWith all the discussion of GMO's and increased pesticide and chemical fertilizer use in commercial crop production homegardeners and even small farmers selling their produce are returning to old fashioned gardening methods.

After growing crops on 2 acres in ground/row crop method and plowing and tilling for eight years I was downsized to 21 raised beds. The first thing I noticed was I wasn't working as hard growing in raised beds. 

The second thing is I was saving lots of money since I wasn't buying gas for tractors and tillers. 

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When families were growing their own veggies in their back yards during the Depression era and during the world wars, they utilized small spaces and grew kitchen gardens. Kitchen gardens were small gardens that were conveniently located close to the house for quick accessibility and small yards. Edible landscaping was implemented also due to minimal space, tomatoes and marigolds grew side by side for space conservation as well as aesthetics. 

Hand tools were the most important farm equipment, hand spades, long handled hoes, garden forks and a harvesting basket. 

1/16/2014 11:00:24 AM

Susan, this is such a great post! Thanks for sharing! Although my mother never grew her own food when I was growing up, she always spoke so fondly - and still does to this day - about her grandmother's garden during the Great Depression. Growing up in a very poor part of central North Carolina, my mother remembers how necessary it was for survival for folks to grow their own food at home. And even though they didn't have much else, they did share some of the most wonderful meals together, which were probably the happiest memories of my mother's childhood.

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