Seed Starting Time

| 4/3/2015 10:08:00 AM

Erin SheehanAlthough our garden is still covered in snow, we started our seeds last week. I know that a lot of beginning gardeners buy plants, but starting your own seeds is easy and rewarding. You have a much larger choice of plant varieties and you will probably end up with better quality plants with just a little time and effort.

Supply list:

Heat source
Pan to hold water and containers


To buy seeds, visit your local hardware store or find a seed company that is close to your geographic area. You want a company that operates in a similar climate to yours. We order from Harris Seeds. They are located fairly close to us and their area has the same growing conditions that we do.

2To figure out what seeds to start when, ask your local Cooperative Extension office if they have a chart available for your area. Your seed company also may have something in their catalog about this. We start peppers first, as they take the longest to germinate and are slow to grow. We also start broccoli early as they don’t mind the cold and can go outside when it’s still pretty chilly. Next comes tomatoes, and then our winter squash.