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| 4/28/2014 9:48:00 AM

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DJ WilsonAs I write this post, the wind is howling and the wind chill is below zero. We have a barn full of does and kids that are doing their very best to cuddle up and stay warm. Two days ago I was in shirt sleeves and hauling horse manure around to fertilize all the flowerbeds, roses and jonquils that are bursting through the soil. March is coming in like a lion and if that old saying is correct, it will go out like a lamb.

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It is time to start your tomato, pepper and eggplant seeds! I am working on it. I have three trays in the south window of the living room. They have been planted for about five days, and I am watching for those first sprouts to appear. I have made several seed orders and would have planted lettuce and spinach today if it had not been sub-zero! You know that is OK, because in about four days it will be in the 50s and 60s, and I will plant them then.

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5/5/2014 10:55:13 AM

D.J., I've read that when the Lilacs are in bloom Spring is here to stay and it's time to start planting. My Lilac bush in the backyard is in full bloom so let the planting begin. I've already planted onions, lettuce, radishes, cabbages about a month ago. I've had to replant a couple times but that's the gamble when pushing the limit. The tomatoes and green peppers were planted a week ago which is about two weeks ahead of normal planting but they are growing in five gallon buckets that can quickly be protected by putting on the lid for the night. Hopefully that will turn out good. My area can get a killing frost up to May 15th but the weather looks like that's not going to happen this year. If it does another four pack from the Ace hardware store will bring the tomatoes in at harvest time. I have grown some plants for the bigger garden from seed to harvest at the end of the year for winter storage. ***** Have a great signs of Spring day.

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