The Garden of Hope

| 5/11/2016 1:50:00 PM

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Mary ConleyDear friends,

How did you spend Mother's Day? Did you go to church or out to lunch? Your young children may have showered you with homemade cards and small gifts. Perhaps your adult children visited, called, or sent cards. I hope it was a happy and rewarding day for you. I remember spending many Mother's Days visiting my mother in her home, then senior housing, and finally the nursing home. I miss her and often wish I could tell her what we are doing on the farm, or ask something about the past. This Mother's Day, I had a wonderful time doing something very special and I wish Mom could have done it with me. I planted the large kitchen garden at the farm.

Larry did the difficult job the day before as he and the Mantis worked in the amendments until I had a gardener's dream of fine, rich, loose soil. Rain was in the forecast to spoil my plans, so I started that very evening, getting as much planted as possible before dark. The rain held off, and Mother's Day morning was cloudy, cool, and calm. Perfect for planting! It was a quiet, pleasant, and fulfilling job with only me and the serenading birds. I finished about 1:00 and it still hadn't rained! Later in the afternoon, Larry and I planted all the vine plants and sunflowers in a different location while working in a refreshing light mist. We finished. Sometimes plans do work out right. Let it rain!

As I planted the garden on such a perfect day, I felt so happy and full of hope. If only everyone could garden and enjoy it as much as I did. I'm experienced enough, though, to know that hope can be dashed with a late freeze, hail, insects or disease. There are occasions when one might wonder why we continue to do it year after year!

I have to leave my newly planted garden for three weeks and place my hope in good weather and a sprinkler set on a timer. Wow! A lot can go wrong. Then there are the weeds. Can you imagine how the weeds will sprout and grow in such a perfect environment in three weeks?

kitchen garden gate

5/31/2016 12:30:36 PM

I mean HOW

5/31/2016 12:29:55 PM

Hi Mary, Let's get an update on hoe your garden is doing! All the to you, Renee

5/14/2016 5:37:23 PM

Dave, At least someone noticed I haven't been blogging! Three months when I used to do it nearly each week! Good luck on your fence guarding your produce! Thanks, for commenting! Mary

5/14/2016 9:45:20 AM

Mary, it's really good to see that you are still doing updates for CappersFarmer's Website. This Spring has kept me so busy that I don't have much time for blogging. My Terra Nova Garden has gotten some attention toward fencing and hopefully the improvements will allow me to sink my teeth into a juicy ear of sweet corn this year. I've lost the entire patch to raccoons the last four years but this year I've gone all out building a sweet corn fortress to foil the little buggers. I do have deer as well and they ate and killed most of the strawberry plants last year. There again the six foot wooden fence was finished last fall so that shouldn't be an issue this year for the five out of thirty plants that survived. ***** Have a great trip and don't forget to tell us all about it when you return.

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