Growing Up and Moving Out

| 4/13/2015 8:13:00 AM

AmyNo, I'm not talking about my children, although they are hedging their way to the door way too quickly for my taste, but that's an entirely different story!

I'm talking about my little seedlings. They've been sitting under grow lights for weeks now, and I did my best to keep them watered, warm with just the right temps from the grow mats, but now it's time to take them outside.

As a newbie veggie gardener, I try to read as much as I can get my hands on, talk to as many experienced gardeners as I can, and then let nature do the rest. (While I keep my fingers crossed, naturally!)

But now, as we head into warmer temps, it's time to move them from their protected little world under the grow lamps to face the harsh realities of hardening off outside. But before you think me a heartless gardener, wait! Check out their new digs.

Mini greenhouse

I bought this mini greenhouse from my local housewares store for about $20 plus tax, Trust me, this little greenhouse is well worth the money I spent on it. Especially since right now here in Oklahoma our temps are all over the place. One minute they're in the 80s during the day and then a storm front blows in with 50-mph winds and temps quickly drop to the 40s and that's all in one day! Yep! That's Oklahoma weather for ya!