Family Farm: The Miracle of the Wood Splitter

A Michigan woman briefly recounts a morning on her family farm, splitting wood with a wood splitter

| Good Old Days

" Awake!" The wren sings on my family farm, "The sun is shining! No rain! No rain today!"

Hurry! Dress. Help! Where's my dentures? The search is on. Thirty-one minutes wasted. Found! But where's my shoe? Lost again? Maybe it's downstairs? That darling puppy? Maybe it's by the back door under the tree? Breakfast: Cereal, eggs, bacon, toast, fruit juice, coffee? Why bother?

The sun is shining! The wood needs splitting! Get the key! Start the tractor! Attach the splitter! Drive to the woodpile. Roll or lift a tough block on the platform. Push the forward lever. Presto. That oak knot is ready for winter!

Repeat the maneuver over and over.

Thank God somebody invented this Wood Splitter!

Lucille Stanek Jenkins 
Jackson, Michigan

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