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Grasshoppers Devoured Crops During the Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Oregon woman recalls living in the dust bowl and enduring invasions of grasshoppers during the depression era

Grasshoppers and Dust Storms Were Farmers' Natural Enemies During Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Kansan recalls growing up during the depression era, battling dust storms to get to school, and grasshoppers to save her garden.

18th Amendment Roundly Unpopular During the Depression Era in Chicago

CAPPER's Staff

Illinois man describes ways that people ignored the 18th Amendment in Chicago during the depression era

Fragrant Flowers

Rachel Paxton

Wisteria vine is a favorite spring flowering vine. 


Vegetable Gardening

Rachel Paxton

Starting vegetables indoors from seed. 

Skillet Recipe From the Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Missouri woman offers a skillet recipe from the depression era for enjoying the last of the garden vegetables

Memories of the Great Depression: Surviving the Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Kansas woman recalls the joys and hardships of surviving the Great Depression

Family Farm: The Miracle of the Wood Splitter

CAPPER's Staff

A Michigan woman briefly recounts a morning on her family farm, splitting wood with a wood splitter