Yard and Garden

Practical advice for gardening and yard maintence. Advice on growing flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruit and herbs. Plus, lawn care, structures and machinery.

Threshing Bee: Early Mechanized Harvest on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

An Iowa woman recalls the threshing bees of her youth, held during harvest time on her family farm and others nearby

Remembering the Family Farm During the Great Depression

CAPPER's Staff

A woman recalls growing up on a Wisconsin farmstead without electricity during the Great Depression

Big Garden Was Center of Small Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Kansas woman recalls how a big garden provided food, fun, and fodder on her family farm

Bumper Crop: Planning for Pests Leads to Abundance on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Iowa woman remembers how learning to plant more than they needed led to a bumper crop, and the solution to money problems on their family farm


Learning How To Cook: Starting Out on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

An Alabama woman relates funny stories about learning how to cook, pick cotton, and other misadventures while learning to farm

Moving to the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Oklahoma man remembers the trials and triumphs of starting a family farm with his parents

Fall Care for Heat-Damaged Yards

Courtesy Family Features

Tips to help your lawn and landscape recover from the difficult summer, and spring back into shape next year.

Images of Grasshoppers Invading Remain

CAPPER's Staff

Woman remembers images of grasshoppers destroying Kansas homestead in 1876.