Yard and Garden

Practical advice for gardening and yard maintence. Advice on growing flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruit and herbs. Plus, lawn care, structures and machinery.

Containers Make Gardening Easier

By Doris Myrle Morris

Tips on how to plan and start a container garden.

Gardening: Keeping your organic garden healthy

By C. Smith

Five tips every gardener should know.

Gardening: Make your landscape more eco-friendly

By <a href='http://www.content4reprint.com/profile/getgreenglobal-23258' target='_blank'>By Nestor Santtia</a>

Simple, straightforward tips for converting your landscape into a haven for clients, passersby, and wildlife by making it more eco-friendly.

Grow Beautiful Fall-Flowering Perennials

By Caleb Melchior

Here are five perennials that will give of their best from August onward, when cool weather returns.


Plan Your Plantings for All-Season Beauty

By Caleb Melchior

Year-round garden beauty is possible, it just takes a little planning and effort.

Gardening: Invest in guaranteed growth in your own backyard

Courtesy of Gardeners.com

Online tool helps gardeners plan their gardens and select their plants.

Gardening: New uses for old garden hoses

By the Capper's Farmer staff

Garden hoses can be used in a number of creative ways and will remain useful long after they cease being used for watering your lawn.

On the Garden Path-Door County, Wisconsin

Karen Sutherland

Famous for its lighthouses, gardens and parks, Door County, Wis., is a favorite vacation destination for many folks.