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Gardening: Keeping your organic garden healthy

By C. Smith

Five tips every gardener should know.

Gardening: Make your landscape more eco-friendly

By <a href='http://www.content4reprint.com/profile/getgreenglobal-23258' target='_blank'>By Nestor Santtia</a>

Simple, straightforward tips for converting your landscape into a haven for clients, passersby, and wildlife by making it more eco-friendly.

Grow Beautiful Fall-Flowering Perennials

By Caleb Melchior

Here are five perennials that will give of their best from August onward, when cool weather returns.

Gardening: Invest in guaranteed growth in your own backyard

Courtesy of Gardeners.com

Online tool helps gardeners plan their gardens and select their plants.


Plan Your Plantings for All-Season Beauty

By Caleb Melchior

Year-round garden beauty is possible, it just takes a little planning and effort.

Gardening: New uses for old garden hoses

By the Capper's Farmer staff

Garden hoses can be used in a number of creative ways and will remain useful long after they cease being used for watering your lawn.

On the Garden Path-Door County, Wisconsin

Karen Sutherland

Famous for its lighthouses, gardens and parks, Door County, Wis., is a favorite vacation destination for many folks.

Gardening: Garden tools don’t have to be expensive

By <a href='http://www.articlesbase.com/authors/bare-bones-gardener/35935.htm' target='_blank'>By the Bare Bones Gardener</a>

Why go and spend a fortune at the nursery on new tools, when there is probably a wealth of unused stuff tucked away in your kitchen that will do the job.