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Garden Clippings: Fruit Production

By Mike Lang

'Why aren't my vine crops putting on fruit?' That's a popular question from gardeners trying to grow pumpkins, melons and cucumbers, especially early in the growing season.

On The Garden Path: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

By Traci Smith, Associate Editor

Botanical garden in Birmingham, Ala., is a beautiful, peaceful oasis

Garden Clippings: Basic Gardening Terminology

By Mike Lang

To produce a better garden crop, gardeners should know some basic gardening terminology.

On The Garden Path: San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens

Story and photos by Kathy Manney

California garden celebrates Mediterranean


On The Garden Path: City of Lilacs

Story and photos by Bernadine F. Wells

A beautiful variety blooms in Washington’s ‘City of Lilacs’

Garden Clippings: Planting Trees for the Future

By Mike Lang

Plant trees in public places for all to enjoy in the future.

Garden Clippings: African Violets

By Mike Lang

Books have been written about growing them, and they have their own special potting soils and fertilizers.

On The Garden Path: Bulbs

Story and photos courtesy of Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center

Plant bulbs in spring for beautiful summer blooms