Yard and Garden

Practical advice for gardening and yard maintence. Advice on growing flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruit and herbs. Plus, lawn care, structures and machinery.

On The Garden Path: Squaw Valley Herb Gardens

courtesy of Kathy Manney

Herb garden in foothills of Fresno County, Calif., is a spectacular sight

Garden Clippings: Use Garden Produce

By Mike Lang

Use up your garden produce before the first frost.

Garden Clippings: September To-Do List

By Mike Lang

Gardeners' plan of action for month of September.

On The Garden Path: The Botanic Garden of Smith College

Courtesy of Smith College Botanic Garden

Smith College, in Northampton, Mass., was founded in 1871, and since opening, it has provided women an education of uncompromising quality.


Garden Clippings: August To-Do List

By Mike Lang

Mike Lang sets a plan for fighting gardening doldrums that force our feet to drag in the late summer months.

On The Garden Path: Cut Flowers

Courtesy of Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center

The end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of summer flowers. Read more from the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center about keeping the joy of summer flowers alive with late-blooming lilies and dahlias.

Garden Clippings: Getting Rid of Poison Ivy

By Mike Lang

Mike Lang offers advice for ridding your garden of the iccoragible poison ivy.

On The Garden Path: Cacti

By Debra Van Vliet

Desert climates can create tricky gardening environments for many. Find out how one reader beat the killer heat by filling her landscape with hybrid cacti.