Yard and Garden

Practical advice for gardening and yard maintence. Advice on growing flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruit and herbs. Plus, lawn care, structures and machinery.

How to Sow Vegetable Seeds

Learn the different methods for sowing vegetable seeds to attain even and rapid germination.

How to Layer Shrubs, Trees, Vines and Houseplants

Learn all there is to know about layering outside plants and houseplants.

This Old Garden

By Leah

A look at some gardening techniques, then and now.

All About Potted Plants, Compost and Additives

By Josie Jeffery

Plan ahead for the best growing conditions for your seeds by selecting the right pot, compost and additives.


A Comprehensive Guide to Beekeeping Basics

By Abigail R. Gehring

Whether an urbanite or country-raised, now is the time to begin keeping bees. Enjoy fresh honey, help the environment, and care for these little critters!

Old Fashioned Pollination

By Susan Berry, horticulturist/homesteader

Encouraging pollinators toward your garden the old-fashioned way!

Year-Round Gardening Advice

By Linda Gilkeson

Anyone can find wisdom within these low-maintenance gardening tips, so you can bring homegrown produce to the table all year long!

Tips for Balcony and Roof Gardening

By David Squire

Is balcony or roof gardening practical?