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Garden Clippings: Brambles

By Mike Lang

Homemade ice cream, jam and pie are the delicious results of a little care in the fruit garden. There isn't much we can do right now to ensure that this season's crop is not a bust, but this is the time to do some things that will help produce a good harvest of brambles and strawberries next year.

On The Garden Path: Volcano Pholox Series

Anthony Tesselaar Plants USA, Inc.

Volcano is a series of perennial phlox that are compact, sturdy, exceptionally floriferous and extremely tolerant of the powdery mildew that plagues and defoliates many other phlox varieties.

Garden Clippings: Understanding Fertilizers

By Mike Lang

A gardener needs to understand what's in fertilizer, whether it's a chemical fertilizer or an organic fertilizer.

On The Garden Path: Hillwood Museum & Gardens

By Traci Smith

Museum and gardens offers visitors beauty and art


Garden Clippings: The Act of Planting

by Cappers

Planting fever is extremely contagious this time of year.

On The Garden Path: Callaway Gardens

by Traci Smith, Associate Editor

If you've ever seen the popular PBS television gardening show The Victory Garden, you've seen Callaway Gardens, located in Pine Mountain, Ga. The gardens, founded by Cason and Virginia Callaway, opened to the public in May 1952 and offer a fascinating glimpse of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication.

Garden Clippings: Fruit Trees

By Mike Lang

Fruit trees have been a staple of the edible landscape for centuries. Who can deny the satisfaction gained from slicing into a cherry pie made from fruit growing in the backyard, or opening a jar of apple butter that was made from the first crop of a new apple tree? Even a trip to the timber can stock the pantry with native fruits, such as pawpaws and persimmons, if you're lucky enough to beat the raccoons to them. Yet, only a small percentage of us have room in the garden for a fruit tree or native plant.

On The Garden Path: 'Flower Carpet Scarlet'

By Ferguson Caras LLC

Those who find the prospect of growing roses daunting have never grown an easy-care, repeat-blooming Flower Carpet rose. The addition of scarlet to the series lineup this spring provides a compelling reason to give these popular roses a try.