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On the Garden Path: Hedgehog Cactus

By Frankie Roland

I’ve had this hedgehog (Echinocereus) cactus for about three years now. It initially was just the large cactus in the middle of the dish. I keep it in the house or garage during the winter months, then put it outside each summer.

Garden Clippings: Bagworms

By Mike Lang

Bagworms are the scourge of gardens in the eastern half of the United States. If their voracious appetites don't destroy a host plant's foliage and ruin its aesthetic appeal.

On the Garden Path: Herbs

By Melinda R. Cordell

You stand in the middle of your perfect garden, where colors shimmer, orioles trill in goldenrain trees, and water murmurs down the waterfall to a hidden pool where cloudy white water lilies float. What could be better?

On the Garden Path: Composting Part II

By Dorothy Rieke

A 3-feet-square compost pile is large enough to hold heat, but small enough to admit air. If a large pile is needed, build one that is 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide by any length.


Garden Clippings: The Role of Soil pH

By Mike Lang

Learn how to change the pH of the soil to give your plants a better chance.

Composting is a good way to increase garden productivity: Part I

By Dorothy Rieke

Improving soil structure is one factor that increases garden productivity. This can be accomplished in several ways. One of the best methods is to rototill compost directly into the soil.

Gardening terms can often be confusing

By Mike Lang

Herbicides seem to be difficult to understand for the novice gardener. There are two phrases that are used to describe how an herbicide works: pre-emergence and post-emergence.

On the Garden Path: Valentine's Day Tulips

by Cappers

Suggestions for giving the gift of flowers this valentine's day.