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Grandma’s Medical Treatment Consisted of Natural Remedies

Heart of the Home

Grandchildren were grateful for most of grandma’s natural remedies.

Sassafras Tea Used to Cleanse the Blood

Heart of the Home

Mom got old-fashioned sassafras tea recipe from Grandma.

Turnips Ease Pain in Heel

Heart of the Home

Neighbor’s remedy for pain in heel paid off.

Mom Was Ready With Tried and True Treatments

Heart of the Home

Mom was always ready with healing treatments for childhood illnesses.


Saltwater Cure for Sore Throat and Poison Ivy

Heart of the Home

Aunt and neighbor share knowledge of the health benefits of saltwater.

Kansas Homesteaders Watched the Cows to Determine Edible Wild Plants

CAPPER's Staff

From fried cactus to Russian thistle "spinach" and more, one family of Kansas homesteaders took their edible wild plants cues from the cattle.

Seed Saving: How to Save Squash Seeds

By Carol Deppe

The basics of seed saving include hand pollination, drying and storing. Learn how to save squash seeds ensure the best plants for next season.

Growing Squash and Preparing Your Harvest

By Carol Deppe

Growing squash can be a breeze if you plant them in a sunny spot with rich soil and water moderately.