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About Capper’s Farmer

Want to rediscover what made grandma’s house the fun place we all remember? Capper’s Farmer — the newly restored publication from the rural know-how experts at GRIT — updates the tried-and-true methods your grandparents used for cooking, crafting, gardening and so much more. Discover the joys of homemade living and homesteading insight — with a dash of modern living — that makes up the new Capper’s Farmer.

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Meet the Editors:

Oscar H. Will III, Editorial Director

Hank Will (Oscar H. Will III) is a business leader, academic, and agricultural practitioner devoted to conservation and small scale, sustainable agriculture. He’s currently the editorial director at Ogden Publications in Topeka, Kansas, publishers of titles such as Grit, Capper’s Farmer, Mother Earth News, Farm Collector and many other print and digital properties. Hank’s small-scale, high-cash-flow farming experience spans more than four decades, with plant and animal crops as varied as native perennials and heirloom laying chickens. His current project, Prairie Turnip Farm in rural Osage County, Kansas, is home to direct-market Highland beef, landrace lamb, soap, feral bee, hay, and metal-working businesses. Hank says that none of that would happen without immense help from his wife, Joanna, and her children Scott and Genevieve. Hank has also authored or co-authored 9 books and hundreds of articles, and enjoys maintaining open-pollinated corn varieties his great-grandfather developed in Bismarck, Dakota Territory, under the Oscar H. Will & Co. brand.

Rebecca Martin, Group Editor for Rural Lifestyles

Rebecca grew up on a farm in Kansas, where she developed a lifelong love of gardening, food preservation, cooking, and DIY. She holds a master’s degree in American Studies, and worked for history museums for many years before coming to Ogden Publications — first with Mother Earth News, and later Grit and Capper’s Farmer. She and her husband like to push the envelope when it comes to front-yard gardening. You can follow her on Instagram, where she posts close-ups from her garden and, occasionally, photos of beautiful storm clouds.

Jean Denney, Group Editor for Mother Earth Living, Heirloom Gardener, and Fermentation

Jean Denney, landed at Ogden Publications in a circuitous way. She first read Jethro Kloss’ Back to Eden in sixth grade, roamed her backyard, the Catoctin Mountains, foraging for Sassafras and Pipsissewa in high school, toured around the country dancing with a colorful group of vegetarian, Appalachian cloggers and Old-Time musicians (The Fiddle Puppets) in college, and finally became a somatic practitioner (Certified Laban Movement Analyst) with a Ph.D. in dance.Jean has used acupuncture since 1982 as a primary source of her healthcare.

Last year she grew mullein, asparagus, and sweet potatoes for the first time, baked her first loaf of bread, and fermented kombucha. When she’s not experimenting with food, she likes to paint en plein air. Jean is happiest when she can get in her five-a-day goals: meditate, exercise, write, read, and make art. Working for Mother Earth Living, Heirloom Gardener, and Fermentation helps her meet two of these goals each day.

Traci Smith, Managing Editor

Traci was a city girl until the age of six, when her parents bought some acreage, built a house, and moved them out of the city limits. She now lives on 20 acres in rural Osage County, Kansas, not far from where she grew up. Traci began her career with Stauffer Communications in 1994, which was later sold to Ogden Publications. She’s happy to be part of such a fantastic team of editors, and grateful to have a job she loves.

Amanda Sorell, Senior Copy Editor

Amanda Sorell is the senior copy editor for Ogden Publications. At work, she values clarity and connection over upholding rigid grammatical standards. She lives in Seattle with a lively collection of houseplants and cats. She enjoys brewing herbal potions, cooking, learning, making DIY beauty products, and reading and writing about health, literature, and sustainability.

Caitlin Wilson, Associate Editor

Caitlin is a gardener, textile artist, and editor who’s become firmly rooted in the Midwest after a childhood in Southern California and Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2014 with a degree in English and minors in biology and math, topics that continue to fascinate her and crop up in unexpected ways. She also loves medieval history and is a member of a local recreation group, with which she practices archery, swordsmanship, and more. When she’s at home, she’s often fussing over her beloved English roses or trying to propagate unlikely tropical plants, in between reading voraciously and experimenting with new recipes.

Ryan Crowell, Associate Editor

Ryan grew up on 26-acre plot of land in Kansas, where his family kept cattle, a few horses, and as many as three German shorthairs at any given time. He graduated from Southwestern College in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in English and minors in history, criminal justice, and leadership. He moved to northeast Kansas to attend law school. Ryan currently lives in Topeka with his wife and dog. Outside of the office, he is usually reading one of the many books on his bookshelves or hiking trails in search of a bird he’s never seen.

Haley Casey, Associate Editor

Haley began at Ogden Publications in the Web Services team. Eventually she filled a job opening at Mother Earth Living, and combining her love of writing with her love of publishing has made for the perfect fit. She now works on four additional titles: Mother Earth News, Grit, Heirloom Gardener,and Capper’s Farmer, and she occasionally writes for all of them. She also edits the podcasts Mother Earth News and Friends and Community Chickens, as well as styles the cover photos for Mother Earth Living.

kyle hayden, Assistant Editor

Originally from the Miami River valley of Ohio, kyle holds an undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Miami University in Oxford. He worked at Patchwork Gardens CSA in Dayton, Ohio, then moved to Kansas in 2019. His wide-ranging activities and interests include geography, art, meteorology, motorcycling, philosophy, and poetry.

Casey Marshall, Assistant Editor

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Roanoke College, Casey lived and worked in the fast-paced Washington, D.C., metro area until moving to Lawrence, Kansas to follow her true passions: reading, writing, and editing material focused on conscientious living.

Casey has traveled through 10 countries, including a brief study abroad in Sri Lanka. Each trip cultivated her fascination with alternative living. Aside from her professional endeavors, she enjoys spending time with her black cat, Jasper, reading the many books scattered throughout her home, and developing her plant-heavy culinary skills.

You can find Casey on LinkedIn.

Jessica Mitchell, Assistant Editor

Jessica joined the editorial staff in 2017, and loves working for impactful magazines. She moved from Pennsylvania, her lifelong home, to Kansas, and quickly fell in love with the small towns and open skies — though she does miss the Pennsylvania mountains. Outside of editing, you can find Jessica hunkered in the library, binging on animated movies, wandering the Kansas trails, tinkering on the piano, or brewing tea by the liter.

You can connect with Jessica on Instagram, and follow her adventures through her nature and art blog, Fluttering Pages.

Jordan Moslowski, Assistant Editor

Originally from New Jersey, Jordan received her Bachelor’s for Writing Arts. She then moved to Kansas to join the editorial team at Ogden Publications. She has traveled to seventeen countries, including spending four months in Italy, and a summer in Australia.

Now living in Lawrence, you can typically find her reading a book outdoors while listening to John Mayer in her spare time. Jordan is truly terrible at cooking, but loves trying anyway, and hopes to eventually make something edible. Luckily, she has a deep obsession with sushi, and goes for lunch at least once a week.

Allison Sarkesian, Assistant Editor

Allison graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications. She calls Topeka home, and when she’s not trying to keep plants alive in her container garden, she can usually be found reading, playing with a camera, trying new recipes, or hiking with her husband.

Ilene Reid, Editorial Assistant

Ilene was born and raised in Northeast Kansas, and loves it here. She loves small-town county living. Over the years, she’s had a hand in raising hogs, cattle, and chickens on a small scale. Her family has always had a few horses, and of course, a good dog and a few cats. She misses those days now, but working for Grit, Capper’s Farmer, and other rural titles fills her yearning for that simple country lifestyle.

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