Food And Entertaining

Hosting And Planning

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How to Host a DIY Wedding

For much of the past two months, my time has been occupied with ironing out the final details of my wedding. On June 28, I married Doug, the man I fell in love with nearly three years ago. While we’ve each had long-term relationships, it’s the first marriage for both of us. Being in our 40s, we are well past the typical reception with rented limos and DJs spinning standard ...

Sheila Julson | Jun 3, 2021

Kitchen Skills

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Taking the Plunge into Water Bath Canning

Canning in all forms scared me, mostly due to the thought that if done incorrectly, I could accidentally poison myself or loved ones with botulism. I purchased books about canning and preserving, but had yet to crack one open. They eventually found their way to my donation pile for Goodwill. I stuck to the safe route of a freezer to preserve summer produce from gardens and ...

Sheila Julson | Jun 27, 2021

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Preserving the Harvest: Garlic Scapes

I am lucky enough to live in a climate where I can garden all year. But even with the year-round ability to grow food, there are some things that have such a short season and need to be enjoyed right away or preserved. Canning is my go-to method for preserving most things. But this Spring, much to my surprise, I discovered that a new variety of garlic I was growing was producing ...

Sarah Black | Nov 12, 2021