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Thanksgiving Week – 2013

My family has a few traditions – I say that tongue in cheek! We have a ton of Thanksgiving traditions. It is the one holiday that we all do our best to gather at the family farm. There are seven of us siblings and now our children and grandchildren. We have a number of great cooks in the family and over the years everyone has owned a "special" dish that we wouldn't want to ...

Dj Wilson | Nov 10, 2020

Kitchen Skills

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Fat Farmers No More

Last year, we moved from the city, gave up our gym membership and moved to the country to establish our homestead and raise fresh produce and our own meat. Although we finished a lot projects, we also gained some extra weight because we thought we were burning more calories by working so hard. As it turned out, we ate our way out of our most comfortable jeans and put our health at ...

Turn The Paige Homesteaders | Jan 7, 2021

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Cinco de Mayo Deep Dish Enchilada Pie

We're embracing the culture of the area of the San Joaquin Valley that we've have moved into. The culture here is decidedly Hispanic. I've found Hispanic peoples to be some of the most amenable and friendly cultures of the world. They're hard-working and intelligent, creative and fun loving. They have one of the best cuisines in the world. That's the place we start to enjoy ...

Renee-Lucie Benoit | May 4, 2021