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Hosting And Planning

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Thanksgiving Week – 2013

My family has a few traditions – I say that tongue in cheek! We have a ton of Thanksgiving traditions. It is the one holiday that we all do our best to gather at the family farm. There are seven of us siblings and now our children and grandchildren. We have a number of great cooks in the family and over the years everyone has owned a "special" dish that we wouldn't want to ...

Dj Wilson | Nov 10, 2020

Kitchen Skills

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How to Build a Classy Chicken Coop Gingerbread House

The optimum amount of time you need to create these houses is three days. but don't let that intimidate you! the actual time you'll spend in the first two days isn't very much--just some mixing, cutting dough pieces, and baking. The majority of your time will be spent on decorating. And that's the really fun part, so be sure to set aside plenty of time for that. The most important ...

Staff | Nov 9, 2020

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