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Ten Christmas Party Snack Ideas

Ten Christmas Party Snack Ideas Marshmallow Snowmen: Stack three different-sized marshmallows on top of each other, use two pretzel sticks for arms, chocolate icing for facial features, and a piece of licorice for a scarf. Pita Christmas Trees: Cut triangular pieces of pita bread, smear them with guacamole, and use cut veggies for the decorations. Cheese String Snowmen: ...

Keith Bradford | Dec 3, 2018

Kitchen Skills

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Cooking Beyond the Kitchen

There’s something special about the meticulousness of camp Dutch ovens, the flavor produced by seasoned cast iron, and food cooked in the fresh air.Photo by Getty Images/GMVozdWhen I attended the National Dutch Oven Gathering (NDOG) in June 2018, the only Dutch oven I knew was the deep, enameled pot I associated with my mother’s stovetop. When I arrived at the ...

Haley Casey | Jan 3, 2019

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