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How To Make Lotion Bars

With farm chores, gardening, working with fiber and playing in the kitchen, my skin takes a beating. Every time I walk through a door, I'm washing my hands. My hands get so dry, they crack until they're painful and bleeding. Lotion works if you can take the time to let it absorb, and don't mind leaving lotion-y handprints all over everything. It's hard enough to keep my fiber ...

Tracy | Feb 18, 2021

Health And Retirement

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More on Medicare

The Medicare Annual Election Period is Here: Are You Covered for 2021?   Each year, we urge you to review your Medicare coverage to ensure it’s still the right plan for you. Your needs may have changed, and the Medicare plan you’re on may have changed. Either way, it’s smart to review your plan to ensure you’re on the best plan for you. Capper’s Insurance Service can ...

Staff | Oct 15, 2020

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Homemade Dog Treats

I often joke that my two terriers never miss a meal. Well, truth be told, they never miss a treat either.I'm a person that when I go to buy treats for myself, I look at the ingredients and sometimes scratch my head trying to pronounce some of them. Then I wonder, "Am I going to have this same problem when I buy treats for Jake and Buddy"Then, horror struck. Their favorite treat, ...

Mel Boone | Oct 8, 2019

Outdoor Living

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Escaping Predators While Hiking

Playing in bear country, or any other predator’s country for that matter, is much different from dealing with these animals on our own turf. When you’re out in the wilderness, there are some things you should do to try and protect yourself. Camping is one situation where you may be likely to encounter a predator, primarily a bear. Bears are very attracted to campgrounds ...

Andrea Dawn Lopez | Oct 14, 2020


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So Many Stock Tank Uses

The other day a friend was regaling me with a hilarious tale of how her young Lab had destroyed not one, but three, dime-store wading pools in just a couple of weeks. Mind you, her retriever loves to play in the water, but seems to enjoy testing the pool’s mettle every bit as much. The first thought that came to mind was: Why not substitute a shallow galvanized or ...

Hank Will | Jul 1, 2014


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Lambing Season

Every year as January draws to a close, and February begins, I start to count sheep. Lambing time is always near, and I have to keep track of my girls. So out comes the cold weather outfit, and I make several trips to the barn a day, accompanied by my faithful companions. I've had these particular sheep for three years now, and I'm just beginning to learn their habits. ...

Leah | Feb 22, 2019


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Splitting Tomatoes

I love gardening. It is peaceful, relaxing, exciting, and lots of hard work. Thankfully Greg does the lion's share of the heavy lifting, and physical labor. I do all of the planning, planting, harvesting, and tedious work. And there is nothing more tedious than splitting tomatoes.Every year I start my seeds in my mini green house. I use bio-degradable cups and litter pans for ...

Leah | Apr 8, 2019


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Raise a Healthy Flock

Photo by iStockphoto.com/Dusko MaticFrom urban hens in Wisconsin to 4-H chicken projects in Florida, the backyard poultry revolution is sweeping the nation. Whether you raise chickens for meat or eggs, breed show birds or game birds, or have a big flock or just a couple of hens, health is an important priority. Practicing the fundamentals of offering your birds sufficient space, ...

Madelaine Fletcher | Jun 27, 2019