Humor And Nostalgia

Family Farm

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Summers at Mini and Papa’s Virginia Farm

Memory is a funny thing. We can forget what we did last weekend, but we can remember with sparkling clarity a conversation from 40 years ago. Some events, and some places, just seem to have a grip on us, rooted in our minds forever. That’s what my grandparents’ farm in rural Virginia is for me. We visited it every summer of my childhood, for two or three weeks at a time. ...

Staff | Sep 21, 2020

Heart Of The Home

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Heart of the Home: Chores on the Family Farm

Grandma Shares Memories of Farm Chores With GranddaughterStacie – York, PennsylvaniaAbout five years ago, my then-96-year-old grandmother told me many stories about growing up in a large farming family. She has since passed away, but I worked with her for a year putting her stories to paper for future generations, and would like to share some of them with you.Following are ...

Stacie &Ndash; York, Pennsylvania | Jun 7, 2018

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Nebraska Pioneer Recipes

Nebraska Pioneer Cookbook(University of Nebraska Press, 1974) compiled by Kay Graber explores the dining patterns of Nebraska's pioneers. In addition to sharing recipes compiled from vintage sources, Graber narrates and interprets the evolution of pioneer food from early days on the prairie and brought to the heart of America by immigrants to the elegant meals at the turn of the ...

Kay Graber | May 22, 2018

American Dream

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Summer 2020 Letters to the Editor

Scent Memories Cheryl Wipperman Marshall, Minnesota I enjoyed reading Rebecca Martin's "Scent of the Cellar" (Editor's Note) in the Fall 2019 issue of Capper's Farmer, and it inspired me to share the memory of my favorite scent. Lilacs bring back wonderful memories of spending every June at my aunt and uncle's farm in Minnesota when I was growing up. They had a beautiful ...

Staff | Sep 1, 2020

One Room School

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An Old Schoolhouse

Way off in a large field of scrubby bushes a herd of pronghorn antelope are grazing. One looks up suddenly at the sound of children playing. It's a rag tag bunch of boys with bowl cut hair and girls in pigtails. Some are very young and some are almost teenagers.There's a woman standing on the porch ringing a bell for the children to come in. Her hair is pulled back in a severe bun ...

Renee-Lucie Benoit | Mar 23, 2018

Everyday Life

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Finding the Good in Challenging Times

As I write this letter, many of us at Ogden Publications are working from home, in an effort to keep us, as well as those who have to be in the office, safe and healthy. Hopefully as you’re reading this, things have settled down and are well on the way to getting better. Right now, though, I think we’re all trying to find the “good” in being stuck at home and having to ...

Staff | Sep 1, 2020


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History of the Old Outhouse

As people settled on the Great Plains, a need for sanitary facilities arose. In order to meet this need, outhouses were constructed using lumber or bricks. Outhouses were a type of “folk architecture” and soon became commonplace.Contrary to need, some people didn't like outhouses and considered them indecent and an affront to the sensibilities of civilized ...

Dorothy Rieke | Jul 10, 2017

World War II

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Veteran’s Day – A Family Affair

Have you ever noticed how certain jobs are often "passed down" through generations of a family? Even if the coming generation doesn't intend to follow, somehow they find for reasons they never expected, to be employed in the same way as the older generations of their family. My grandfather was a blacksmith, and my father became a mechanic — the next logical step from ...

Leah | Nov 9, 2017

Great Depression

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A Family Thanksgiving Celebration in the Ozarks

In the Ozarks of my childhood, Thanksgiving marked the beginning of the cozy season. After long, hot days spent planting, cultivating, harvesting and canning, the holiday was the beginning of a winter rest.My mother used to say, “When nights begin to lengthen, cold begins to strengthen.” She looked forward to the colder days of the year, knowing there would be ...

Marie Elledge | Sep 30, 2014