Summer 2020 Letters to the Editor

Readers share their thoughts, opinions, projects, and more. In this issue, one reader talks about the smell of lilacs bringing back childhood memories, and another reader talks about how he got into the hobby of weaving.

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Lilacs in bloom bring back childhood memories for Cheryl.

Scent Memories

Cheryl Wipperman
Marshall, Minnesota

I enjoyed reading Rebecca Martin’s “Scent of the Cellar” (Editor’s Note) in the Fall 2019 issue of Capper’s Farmer, and it inspired me to share the memory of my favorite scent.
Lilacs bring back wonderful memories of spending every June at my aunt and uncle’s farm in Minnesota when I was growing up. They had a beautiful place, with several lilac bushes that were in full bloom when we arrived.
It was a long drive from Fort Bliss, Texas, but I was excited, so I’d stay awake and watch the scenery change from sand and desert to farmland. When I started smelling alfalfa, I knew we were getting close.
The farm was a child’s paradise, with ponies, chickens, kittens, baby lambs, lots of pastures to ride in or run through, and a creek to swim in. And the lilac bushes smelled wonderful. I’d stand beside them and take deep breaths, savoring their fabulous scent.
My husband and I now live on a farm in Minnesota, where we have multiple lilac bushes. Every spring, we thoroughly enjoy the peacefulness we feel when the beautiful flowers begin blooming and filling the air with their fragrance, and suddenly all those childhood memories come flooding back.

Weaving Hobby

Jon, the chief cook and farmer at The JAZ Farm
Byers, Colorado

My note is in response to Rebecca Martin’s letter, “Love of Weaving” (Editor’s Note, Winter 2020), as I too am a weaver.
In 2017, I was in search of an indoor hobby to give me something to do when the weather prevented me from working outdoors on the homestead. The hobby also needed to serve a function, in addition to creating the meditative, mind-slowing properties that crafting affords. And because my family is a collection of musicians and artists and crafters, my hobby needed to be something uniquely mine, to avoid the feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder as I learned.
I ended up taking a class through a weaving shop in Boulder, Colorado. After getting over the fear of turning hundreds of threads into nothing but a rat’s nest, not being a crafter up to this point, and being the only male in the class, I was hooked.
Schacht Spindle Co. has a loom manufacturing shop in Boulder, and I soon had one of their floor looms in my basement, where I’ve set up a studio. I can honestly say that designing cloth and making towels, scarves, blankets, runners, and more is as satisfying as building fences and raised garden beds.
This is a craft and hobby I have no intention of giving up anytime soon.

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