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Summer 2020 Letters to the Editor

Scent Memories Cheryl Wipperman Marshall, Minnesota I enjoyed reading Rebecca Martin's "Scent of the Cellar" (Editor's Note) in the Fall 2019 issue of Capper's Farmer, and it inspired me to share the memory of my favorite scent. Lilacs bring back wonderful memories of spending every June ...

Love of Weaving

Photo by Pixabay/NowajaAfter years of sewing clothes, I decided to take up weaving, because I wanted to learn how warp and weft came together to make cloth. So, I took a weaving class, joined the local weavers guild, bought one loom, and then bought another. I became a weaver.Setting up a ...

Craft a Homemade Loom and Coasters

I've always appreciated the process of creating things with my own hands. A few years ago, I discovered the world of weaving. I was intrigued by the beauty of it, and almost immediately, I wanted to learn. I started teaching myself by reading tutorials in old magazines and vintage books.Over ...

Frontier Days

Rural schools in our area try to remind local children how our world has changed over the decades. Living here 20 or 30 years ago is vastly different to what it is now. So the schools bring together local craftsmen and artisans to show the children how their ancestors once lived. This teaches ...

Volunteers turn mother’s yarn into ‘going away’ gift for children

This is the story of an outpouring of love from people united by the common thread of being part of one cloth we call humanity.Elizabeth McCaslin, of Hartville, Ohio, came into my life about eight years ago. She was interested in rare breeds of sheep, and we were both active in promoting the ...

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