Paw Prints in the Mud

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The weather here in north central Missouri has warmed up this past weekend. It has gotten to the point that most of our January snow has disappeared. Yeah! The downfall is such that the ground is now one big, soggy mess. There is not a dry spot to be found.

My dogs don’t care. They are way too thrilled that they no longer have to wade through the white stuff, and they know that they won’t get into trouble putting their paw prints in the mud, especially when that is all there is to walk in.They walk through it, but wouldn’t you know it, they tip toe around the water puddles. Go figure!

Image by Pixabay

That’s just the way it is right now. I’ll deal with walking dogs in the mud and muddy paw prints on the kitchen tile floor much better than the freezing drizzle/rain that is predicted for my area this week. Dogs and floors are easier to clean and less painful than a broken bone or damaged car.

So as I wait for the mud to dry up and spring to arrive, I’ll go grab the collars and leashes. There are a couple of terriers at home that are eyeballing a muddy spot in the yard that they haven’t walked through yet.