Medicare Advantage or Medicare Plus

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Choosing between medicare advantage and original medicare plus a medicare supplement

When it comes to deciding between a Medicare Advantage plan and original Medicare plus a Medicare Supplement policy, there are three major factors to consider:

  • COST: Medicare Supplement policies usually require a higher monthly premium, but could result in lower out-of-pocket expenses than some Medicare Advantage plans. However, Medicare Advantage plans may cost less but cover more services, which might be a better option for your monthly budget.
  • CHOICE: With a Medicare Advantage plan, your choice of medical providers is limited to those within the HMO or PPO. The plan also may not cover services provided outside of the network. Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement policies cover any medical provider who accepts Medicare for payment. No matter which plan you choose, it’s a good idea to check with specialists or hospitals to ensure they accept Medicare before receiving services.
  • LIFESTYLE: Medicare Advantage plans are limited to certain states or regions. Medicare Supplement policies, on the other hand, are portable and provide coverage across all 50 states, and some plans include coverage outside of the country. If you’re a snowbird living in more than one state throughout the year or you travel extensively, you’ll probably benefit from choosing original Medicare plus a Medicare Supplement policy.


Monthly Premium                                                             HIGHER                    $0 OR LOW

  • Includes Part D and Dental/Vision                               NO                           USUALLY
  • Copayments to providers                                                 NO                           YES
  • Up to $10,000 in out-of-pocket costs                           NO                           YES
  • Restrictive network of doctors and hospitals              NO                           YES
  • Allows appeal of coverage decisions to Medicare       YES                          NO
  • Your doctor can be dropped by plan                             NO                           YES
  • Your plan can be canceled                                              NO                           YES
  • Health plan decides which procedures and tests are approved       NO    YES
  • Allows one to travel the country and use any doctor and hospital  YES          NO

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