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Understanding Medicare

When it comes to Medicare, simply understanding the basics can be a challenge. If you’re enrolling for the first time, you probably have a variety of questions, including: When is initial enrollment? How much will premiums cost? Will I still be able to see my doctor? And ...


Medicare Terms to Know

Benefit Period: Applies to Medicare Part A. Each benefit period begins on the first day services are provided and ends when you haven’t received benefits for 60 days in a row. Claim: A request for payment by Medicare for medical services you receive. Claims can be made by you (the insured) ...


Medicare Advantage or Medicare Plus

Choosing between medicare advantage and original medicare plus a medicare supplement When it comes to deciding between a Medicare Advantage plan and original Medicare plus a Medicare Supplement policy, there are three major factors to consider: COST: Medicare Supplement policies usually ...


More on Medicare

The Medicare Annual Election Period is Here: Are You Covered?   Each year, we urge you to review your Medicare coverage to ensure it’s still the right plan for you. Your needs may have changed, and the Medicare plan you’re on may have changed. Either way, it’s smart to review your ...