A Shave and a Haircut

By Leah
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Greg was on vacation last week. Not only did it mean some fun down time, but it was also a time to catch up on some overdue projects around the farm. We extended the clothes line, bush-hogged some pasture, and did a little sheep shearing.

Our girls are a mixed breed, mostly hair but with a little wool in their background. That means when spring comes, they have what looks like a Mohawk hairdo down their spines. So out came the generator and shears and it was time for a “Shave and a haircut!”

Greg uses the tried and true method of all shepherds to catch our sheep, with a good old fashioned shepherd’s staff.

It only took a few moments to take the excess off the top, then while the clippers cooled down for the next job, Lacey went over and informed Honey that it was her turn next!

Greg trimmed up all four girls, then opened the gate and let them have the main pasture again. Boy did they feel good! They bounced and galloped around like lambs. Shearing can be hard work, but sometimes hard work can be enjoyable, especially when you see the out come.

Photos property of Leah McAllister.