Kitchen Resolutions for the New Year

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I have just finished preparing a four-day feast for my family, and now the farmhouse kitchen is somewhat tidy. I still have tins of shortbread cookies and five types of cakes strategically placed and easy to reach. I wanted to write a few kitchen resolutions for next year. As someone who spends most of her time in the kitchen, I’d like to share some of my resolutions. My goal for the new year is to continue sharing my passion and knowledge. I want to give back. My dream of starting a community kitchen and studio was dashed by fraud; however, I will continue to work towards that dream.

You may have your own resolution – please share them with me. I love connecting with people through food.

New Year Resolutions

  • Waste less food – buy less, buy what you need and eat it.
  • If you have excess produce, donate it to the local food bank.
  • Experiment with new ingredients – a new vegetable, protein, spice or flavor.
  • Experiment with new cooking methods: wrap fish in greens and steam, or make cheese.
  • Donate to a food bank or offer to volunteer.
  • Share your kitchen with family and friends; begin a “dinner club.”
  • Master one dish you always wanted to.
  • Start a casserole, cookie or cake swap, any time of the year.
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors all year round.
  • Write a recipe by hand and share it.
  • Revive one of your family’s cooking traditions.
  • Cut one thing out of your diet that you KNOW is bad for your health.
  • Commit to the entire family sitting down at the dining room table to share a meal as often as possible.
  • Buy local and support local farmers and businesses.
  • Participate in a Community Share Agriculture (CSA) program.
  • Join the Seed Savers Exchange.
  • Join a food initiative that you believe in. Such as World Vision or Heifer International.
  • Read labels and know where your food comes from.
  • Visit a pick-your-own farm and can something for the winter.
  • Start a small vegetable garden. A few herbs or tomato plants is a start.
  • Start a food journal
  • Feed the bees and butterflies with flowers.

Remember food is love and food makes memories and those are the most precious things we have.

Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you health, prosperity and joy in the kitchen!

Chef Elizabeth