Donna Rae Barrow

Farm Wife in Suburbia

By Donna Rae Barrow

I’m Donna Rae Barrow, Virginia girl with a rural heart living on a fifth acre of suburbia with the hubs and our Carolina dog, Scarlett. My days are currently filled with intensive, organic, urban gardening with a down-home twist; natural beekeeping with 75,000 or so sweet ladies (the bees!); harvesting, canning, dehydrating, and just generally ‘putting up’ whatever doesn’t move; photography of gardens and bugs and old sheds and split rail fences; homesteading skills such as homemade laundry detergent and softener, soapmaking, reuse of rusticated items as home decor and the like; catching up with our grown children and their many adventures; and so much more. I’ve been blogging for years at Flannel Jammies Farm. Stop by and see me sometime!