Changing Weather

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There’s a saying here in my part of Missouri that goes something like, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes, it’ll change.” With that being said, that could be used in various places too.

Just earlier this week, here in northeast Missouri, I was enjoying temperatures in the 50s. It was almost spring-like. Considering that I’d had spent a few weeks of below freezing temps, I was super happy to have the warmer weather despite the cloudy days.

Now Mother Nature has let it turn cold again. I find myself trying to find the knit cap and gloves that I had shed just a few days ago. It’s just Mother Nature’s way of reminding me that it’s still winter. I suddenly find myself once again staring at my calendar trying to calculate how many days are left until the official first day of spring.

I had to add an umbrella to my knit cap and glove ensemble early this morning as I walked the dogs. That addition meant that I had to walk Jake and Buddy one at a time since my left hand was holding the umbrella. That doubled the time that it takes for me to walk them. Plus I had to take time to put coats on each dog. I’m betting this afternoon I won’t need the umbrella but I’d better leave it by the door just in case the rain comes back tonight.

I’m reminded of when my Grandpa Boone was still alive. One of his words of wisdom to me was, “Why rely on the weatherman? It’s easier and more reliable to look or stick your head out the window.” As a kid I always laughed at that.

Now that I’ve got some age and gotten wiser, I understand what he meant.

Photo by Getty Images/gretanrk