An Easter Egg Hunt Prank

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An Easter egg prank pleases the kids and puzzles the adults.

One year for Easter, my husband’s sister and her family, including two young daughters, came to visit from the big city and stayed at her parents’ farm.

We went to the farm on Saturday afternoon to visit with everyone, and my sister-in-law told me the girls were excited about getting to hunt for Easter eggs. She said they had brought a dozen eggs to hide that evening, and that she hoped she could keep the girls from starting the Easter egg hunt until after church.

A plan hatched for an Easter egg prank

Knowing how their cousins were anticipating the Easter egg hunt the next afternoon, our teenage sons came up with a grand plan on our way home from Grandma and Grandpa’s farm that day.

We had several hens at home, which meant lots of eggs. We stopped at the store and got an extra package of Easter-egg dye before heading home. It was a long process that took us all evening, but when we got home, we boiled six or eight dozen eggs, and then colored them all.

The next morning, we got up early, loaded the eggs and headed to the farm. Quietly, without anyone knowing, we hid all the eggs we had colored the night before. Then we just as quietly headed off to sunrise service.

Family was surprised at Easter egg hunt

After church, we all gathered at the farm. While the adults were inside having coffee and visiting, the girls grabbed their little baskets and ran out the door.

They came back in shortly, their baskets overflowing with eggs, excitedly saying, “There are lots more out there!”

Their puzzled parents looked questioningly at each other, but said nothing.

The girls continued to fill their baskets with eggs and return to the house several times. Each time the girls returned, their parents got more and more puzzled, speculating about the number of eggs the youngsters were finding. And all the while, we could hardly keep a straight face.

We never told them our role, but I’m sure they knew where the eggs came from.

Bloomfield, Nebraska

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