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Learning About Essential Oils

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By Amy Conley, Conley Farm | Apr 21, 2015

I have learned so many lessons as a mom and a hobby farmer. When you immerse yourself into something, it is amazing how much you can learn and about things you wish you knew years ago. I have been on this soap-making journey since the fall. I have learned about the benefits of goat’s milk in soap, which you can read about in another blog post. I keep learning about essential oils, which is what I use to scent the soaps.

When my now 10-year-old son was little, he had eczema really bad. For years we battled this itchy rash all over his legs. It usually was the worst in the winter. He hated being slathered with lotions and different medicines that the doctors recommended. I just did what they told me, but it really didn’t seem to help. My older self regrets not learning more about home remedies when my boys were babies. It is very rare that we go to the doctor nowadays. I think part of it is the paranoid mother in me has mellowed out and not every little thing needs to be seen by a doctor. Also, living on a farm, my boys are around stuff that helps them build up their immunity and they rarely get sick.

I have learned that each essential oil has a benefit other than its scent. I made a soap that contains lavender and tea tree oils. I learned that these two oils along with coconut oil, which is in my soap, are great for eczema. That along with the benefits of the goat milk itself is a great combination for anyone with itchy, dry skin. I had a customer tell me that her psoriasis is starting to clear up after using my soap. That is the best compliment I can get. Who knew that an excess of goat milk in my freezer could benefit so many people?

My son hasn’t had skin problems this year since using our soap. I have battled with an itchy scalp for 20 years and it is almost cleared up. I really like using soaps that have tea tree oil, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil. They feel great on my scalp. Using the Internet is such a great way to learn which oils are best for your skin. Tea tree oil is my favorite. It is known as a healer, and is great for acne, eczema, cold sores, athlete’s foot to name a few. I recently read if you put water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle, you can spray it on your clothes and shoes to deter ticks, which are abundant in New York State.

Lavender oil is great for all skin types, and it has a lovely scent. Lemon oil is a great astringent if you have oily skin. I love the smell of lemons or anything citrus. Eucalyptus oil has anti-bacterial properties and is good for pain relief. Ginger oil can also help relieve aches and pains as well as promote normal blood circulation. Ginger oil is not for those with sensitive skin. There are so many oils available and they each have their own benefits. These are a few of the oils I like to use in my soap making.

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