Stories About Second Chances

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Maybe a second chance allowed you to fix a rift in the family.

Life is full of second chances. What’s important is whether or not we take advantage of them. A second chance is an opportunity to do something again — with the hope and intention of doing it better.

We asked our CAPPER’s readers what significant memories in your life offered you second chances. Maybe you didn’t feel you were the best parent when your children were young, but you had the opportunity to make up for it by being a fantastic grandparent. Maybe a health scare gave you a second chance at life by teaching you to take better care of yourself. Perhaps you reconnected with an old flame and found love again. Or maybe you were able to fix a rift among family.

Curl up and enjoy our CAPPER’s reader stories below about second chances. Perhaps these stories will inspire you to reach out and offer a second chance or take advantage of one next time a do-over presents itself.

Stories About Second Chances
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