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Country Life Ups and Downs

This is my second "fresh start" as a blogger for Capper's Farmer. In late May, we were in a car accident that left our little Honda Civic resting precariously on the passenger side on our twisting mountain road that had a steep bank on the "upside" and a steep drop into a canyon on the other. ...

Pack with Peace of Mind by Purchasing Travel Insurance

While no one likes to think about what might go wrong on a vacation, planning for it can not only bring peace of mind, but also valuable assistance when needed.If an illness, accident or sudden change in plans causes a trip to be interrupted or cancelled, there can be two major financial losses ...

Avoid medical credit cards, Consumer Reports says

Beware of hospitals bearing credit cards.That’s the conclusion you could draw reading a recent Consumer Reports investigation of credit cards designed for paying off medical debts. The cards, which may be recommended to patients by doctors and which are often cobranded with hospitals, can ...